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Thanks for checking out my blog! I started this project to showcase great albums that you may have missed. As this site has grown I have come across some great new music, and I’ll share that with you too. The turtle is gonna bring you the best stuff he can, whether it’s new or old!

Albums: In the “Download Age” of music, I think that fans are beginning to forget the purpose and value of a music album. We get to know artists song-by-song these days, so it’s easy to forget that each of those tracks were written on the larger canvas of an album that the artist created. These albums, in many cases, need to be listened to in their entirety to really wrap your head around what the artist is trying to tell you.

Concerts: You can’t consider yourself to be a true music geek until you’ve seen your favorite new up-and-coming band at a dive bar with 15 other people. Or maybe they have hit it big and are selling out arenas! Whatever the case may be, there’s just nothing like going to see your favorite bands in concert.

New music: There’s so much good (and FREE) stuff going on every day in the world of music, so I’ll do my best to keep up with it and bring it to you every Friday!

Guest blogs & playlists: Any time you have something to share about music, let the turtle know and I’ll put it on my site!

I’m certainly not a professional writer. But I love this topic so I’m inspired to do this. While you’re reading, I encourage you to add any comments if you agree with me, disagree with me (even though you’re wrong) or otherwise just want to add something. Get ready to fill your music catalog with my recommendations! Let’s get started……


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