Musical Gift Ideas! – #2 – SiriusXM subscription


Not sure what to get someone for the holidays? You’re in luck…I’ve got 10 great gift suggestions for music lovers:

#2 – Sirius XM subscription

Satellite radio is great! As involved as I am with my music library, even I need a break from choosing my music sometimes. Sirius XM is an awesome way to check out new artists, and with 1 click you can listen to any format you’re in the mood for. Raining outside and you want some reggae to cheer you up? Click. Need your 80’s fix? Click. And of course the genius Howard Stern will only be around doing live shows for another few years…so get on board now! I really dig the throwback stations too, like Backspin (old school rap), First Wave (brit-pop and 80s alternative) and of course 80s on 8! I also listen to a ton of live sports and comedy while driving. It’s just a great thing to have.

You don’t need to have a device…in fact most of my listening is online through their website. Check out the variety of subscription options that are available. And if you’re still not sure, start with a FREE 30-day trial!

What do you think about this gift idea? Comment below


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