Musical Gift Ideas! – #6 – Rock starter kit


Not sure what to get someone for the holidays? You’re in luck…I’ve got 10 great gift suggestions for music lovers:

#6 – Rock starter kit

I could have listed about a million different albums here, so choosing just a few was difficult. But I feel like these records give you a good mix representing the rock music that laid the groundwork for today’s artists. These are the rock artists of my youth. Guitar solo!

  • U2 – Achtung Baby – hate on U2 if you want, but you can’t deny their success. This is my favorite of their many great albums.
  • Def Leppard – Hysteria – I almost put their Greatest Hits on here instead so that you would also get ‘Photograph’, but you gotta keep it real with the Leppard and get Hysteria.
  • Guns n Roses – Appetite For Destruction – the Use Your Illusion series was good, but this record is what you’ll want to have at a party.
  • Nirvana – Nevermind – arguably the greatest rock record of all time.
  • Metallica – the black album…if you like it loud!

What do you think about this gift idea? Comment below

One Response to “Musical Gift Ideas! – #6 – Rock starter kit”

  1. 1 Trojananteater

    You know how I know your gay? You put achtung baby on this list

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