Musical Gift Ideas! – #7 – iTunes Match


Not sure what to get someone for the holidays? You’re in luck…I’ve got 10 great gift suggestions for music lovers:

#7 – iTunes Match

iTunes Match is a great way to organize and store your music library if you own an iPhone/iPad or connected iPod. And like Tune Up, it also helps to organize and complete your music library’s info. The next generation of file storage technology has already begun…instead of plugging your portable device into a computer, now everything is just stored in “the cloud”. Apple’s version is called iCloud, of course. As your device needs the music file, it gets it over cellular or wifi signal, so your entire music library is available at all times without concern for storage space. EVERYTHING about file storage will be switching to this format soon (if it hasn’t already), so go ahead and get your iPhone-owning friend a $24.99/year subscription to iTunes Match. I don’t think you can just buy it, so maybe give them an iTunes gift card, and tell them to spend it on Match. Of course, if you owned a Droid this would be free…

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