Musical Gift Ideas! – #9 – 80s Music starter kit


Not sure what to get someone for the holidays? You’re in luck…I’ve got 10 great gift suggestions for music lovers:

#9 – 80s Music starter kit

For many older artists, their greatest hits collection is usually the way to go (especially if you’re giving their music as a gift). In the case of the stereotypical “80s band”, greatest hits albums are ONLY way to go…there was too much B-side crap to sift through otherwise. Enjoy these gems (the links go to Amazon…but shop wherever you prefer):

  • New Order – you’ll know ‘Blue Monday’, and won’t even realize that you know ‘Bizarre Love Triangle’ and ‘Regret’.
  • Psychedelic Furs – What?! ‘Heartbreak Beat’?! What?! Sick.
  • Cars – the definition of 80s swag.
  • Flock of Seagulls‘Space Age Love Song’ all day.
  • Thompson Twins – ‘If You Were Here’ is 80s movie soundtrack GOLD.
  • Information Society – better known for the upbeat stuff, ‘Repetition’ is the slow jam of the decade!
  • Huey Lewis & the News – “Hey you…you get your damn hands off of her…”

What do you think about this gift idea? Comment below


2 Responses to “Musical Gift Ideas! – #9 – 80s Music starter kit”

  1. 1 Pearl1901

    Good call on the Thompson Twins!!! I just downloaded If You Were Here like a month ago- not even lying

    • Lets dye our hair pink!

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