Miss me?


Miss me?

Where have the blog posts been?  There can only be 2 possible explanations:

1. Like any genius performer, I realized that I needed to walk away, and leave my fans wanting more. Why haven’t they played ‘Livin On A Prayer’ yet?!?! Then explode back onto stage with amps on blast. Now you may be thinking that, by telling you that this was my intent, this paragraph may have a “reverse psychology” affect which will backfire and anger you. What you don’t realize is that I’ve reversed the reverse psychology, and you are trapped in my vortex, hypnotized by the prospect of what is to come in this blog’s near future.


2. I needed a break.

Either way, I will be posting regularly again, albeit on a less structured schedule than what I maintained before. I accomplished my initial goal of blasting out good music info to yall in the first year of this blog, and got an obscene amount of visits to confirm that yall were interested (thank you!)

So I’ll probably post less often than before, but I promise each one will be packed with cool stuff. I’ll follow up this post with some links to great FREE music for your holiday budgets!

Cheers! (not that I’m signing off…I meant that you are literally cheering right now. But I will also stop typing now. #YGOLOHCYSPESREVER)


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