FREE music for your holiday budget!


Nothing says “Christmas Cheer” like spending all of your money and eating macaroni & cheese for a month…deck the halls of my stomach with processed cheese! Well, your boy is here to brighten the mood like a digital Santa Claus…HoHoHo.mp3! Check out these links to FREE music:

1. DC rapper Wale has been giving away FREE music like a maniac, and in 2011 dropped his for-pay album Ambition. You should get it (Amazon or iTunes)…it’s legit. ‘Bait’ is a track that’s been around on his mixtapes for a little while, and you can get the remix of that track for FREE at this link. Wale is the man…no days off.

2. I love dubstep…a very unique opinion, I know. Rinse FM is the shit…it’s a London radio station that plays mostly dubstep, and an easy way to solve the “what should we play at this party?” problem. You can stream Rinse live…it’s what I normally default to when I need quality background music to get some work done. Also, if you listen to Rinse you are allowed to says words like wanker and ridicule Americans.

3. Howard Stern fans…if you have been keeping up with the current Benjy Bronk/Elisa Jordana saga, you know that there’s some funny shit going on. The duo have teamed up on a FREE track called ‘Online Sweetheart’, and it is not-to-be-missed! Yes, it’s terrible…but that’s a requirement in Benjy vortex.

4. Don’t forget to check in periodically with Live From Daryl’s House. The webcast show starring Daryl Hall + a musical guest will soon be on TV! Daryl Hall is a genuine musical genius with special songwriting talent. Here’s a link to a great episode featuring Mayer Hawthorne and Booker T. Jones. What?? Mayer is an up-and-coming artist who you need to check out…his song ‘No Strings’ has been on repeat in my library for a while. Enjoy!


I’ve got a bad feeling about this:


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