Friday Leftovers


I’m not posting FREE music links for my health people…get downloading!

1. Snoop + dubstep = FREE mixtape glory

2. Did you watch the concert webcast from Stephen Kellogg & the Sixers on Monday? Their new album Gift Horse is coming out soon…check out this FREE sampler of SK6er tracks, with a few old songs in addition to ‘Roots & Wings’ and ‘Gravity’ from the new record!
You can also listen to a FREE stream of Gift Horse on right now! Follow the link then Like or tweet it.

3. The 2Pac and Biggie murder cases have come back to life, due to some evidence that was seemingly “hidden” for several years. Check out this LA Weekly article about a book on the murder cases that was just released…the article is long, but it’s a good read. The book was written by a former LAPD officer who was made to look like a dirty cop, but whose name has since been cleared. Shady!

4. BroBible is a solid site that I’ve linked to before, and this week they posted FREE download links to 10 hip hop tracks. I’m not crazy about most of the songs, but maybe you’ll dig them more than I did.



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