Friday Leftovers


Is the gentleman with the brostache invited to this party? Only if he’s ready to rock! FREE music yall!

1. Former MTV VJ Simon Rex has been reincarnated as vulgar rapper Dirt Nasty. His stuff is pretty funny if you like extremely raunchy topics and lyrics. Please note before proceeding any further into this paragraph that I have already used the words “vulgar” and “extremely raunchy”…so don’t get mad at me if you click on this link and download the FREE new EP from Dirt’s new group Chain Swangaz! Listen for cameos by Andy Milonakis, 2 Live Crew, and such.

2. Earlier this week I posted a review of 69 Love Songs by The Magnetic Fields. It’s a great collection, and an even better review haha. CoverMe has posted links to several artists covering the tracks from this record, and most of them are pretty cool (and FREE) interpretations on the originals!

3. B.o.B. is a decent new rapper that you may remember from the song ‘Nothin On You’ with Bruno Mars. He’s put out some decent music since hitting the scene, and here’s a bass-heavy FREE track from B.o.B. and Lil Wayne called ‘Strange Clouds’, available for download on ThisSongIsSick.


hey Summer…thanks for ‘Pumped Up Kicks’. But you’re over now…here’s what Fall is bringing to the table:


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