Friday Leftovers


Today, in addition to FREE music, I have embedded the greatest dance video in the history of modern man!

1. Have yall listened to Watch the Throne yet? I’ll probably write about it soon…regardless of your opinion of the music itself, you have to say that it was a pretty monumental/important moment for rap to see goliaths like Jay Z and Kanye West team up. Here’s a link to a dance remix version of the whole album…good stuff! And of course you can download it for FREE, or I wouldn’t be wasting your time.

2. Timeflies is a newish pop/rap/dance act who has gotten a good amount of steam via Twitter and the various interwebs. They’ve got a cool new FREE mixtape for you to download called The Scotch Tape over at FreshNewTracks. How the hell has nobdy else ever thought of that album name??? If you’re into groups like LMFAO, Tinie Tempah and the like, this album should become a hit in your iTunes! (see below for some fresh new dance moves you can use while you listen)

3. If you’re going to advertise your web article as “previously unreleased Nirvana tracks”, you had better come up with something a little more impressive than 3 live versions of already-released songs. So needless to say, this article pissed me off. But I’ll link to it anyway, only because the live version of ‘Breed’ is pretty bad ass. The other two are terrible recordings.



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