Thursday Playlist


Typen is a country boy living the undergrad life, while in grad school. Check out his selections as you get ready for happy hour!

‘I Wanna Sex You Up’ by Color Me Badd
You can pretty much guarantee that if you play this song at a pre-game there will be at least one frat dude biting his lower lip and doing the all famous “white boy air hump”

‘So Not My Baby’ by Josh Turner
My inner redneck is madder than a queer with tonsillitis on Valentine’s Day due to the lack of decent country songs released lately. This is one of maybe 3 that I can stand to listen to

‘Mr. Saxobeat’ by Alexandra Stan
I found this song earlier this summer and I has been a good replacement for ‘We Speak No Americano’. But due to my incessant drunken requesting of it to every DJ in Aggieville, and all the radio play it’s been getting lately I have a feeling that it will be making a swift exit off my “most played” list soon. But until that happens I still love throwing it on, dropping my head and knocking out some Jersey inspired frat boy fist pumping

‘In the Dark’ by Dev
What can I say…I have weakness for the techno instrumental sound

‘Ethylene’ by John Hiatt
This guy was one of my dad’s favorite artists in his younger years. It was pure luck that I stumbled upon some of my old man’s mixed tapes and discovered Mr Hiatt’s gritty blues sound for myself. You won’t find any of his stuff in my “pre-game’n” or “work-out” playlists, but for long road trips or a warm afternoon on the sloops there’s nothing better! Besides how can you not love a song that starts off with the lyrics: sitting on the toilet with my sunglasses on, wondering what you are up to, this hotel’s got bathroom telephones, but I don’t want to interrupt you

‘Right There’ by Nicole Scherzinger ft 50 Cent
It’s kinda gay I realize, but for some reason I dig it as a workout jam. Thank God it’s got 50 in it to lend it some street cred and help straighten it up a little

turtle note: he’s been working on this playlist for the better part of a year, so be sure to give him shit in the comments!


2 Responses to “Thursday Playlist”

  1. 1 Pearl1901

    Good call on the John Hiatt. Maybe your dad and I should hang out sometime.

    • 2 allison

      i gotta hear this hiatt song

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