Thursday Playlist


The drunken Scotsman Haterix has become a regular contributor to this blog, so let’s allow him to go crazy and see what happens…

The new wave of 1990’s acid techno: a savage squelchy bassline, a manic hardcore beat, a mouthful of pills, and thousands of sweaty bodies jumping up and down at an illegal party in a field / warehouse / squatted office block. You know it makes sense. The first 3 tracks are undoubtedly the greatest acid tracks ever. If you don’t like this playlist you are lame beyond belief and have never been to a proper party.

‘New Wave of Acid Techno’ by Lochi

‘The Rabbit’s Name Was’ by A+E Dept

‘Inner City Junkies’ by Kektex

‘Mad Cows on Acid’ by DDR & The Geezer

‘Filthy Acid Techno’ by Aaron, Chris & Julian Liberator


2 Responses to “Thursday Playlist”

  1. 1 Haterix

    The A+E Dept. makes me want to inject some ketamine into my eyeballs and jump up and down in a warehouse for 12 hours!!!!

    • Or as we call it in Kansas…”Saturday night”

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