Friday Leftovers


YEAH BUDDY…drunk bloggin!

1. Don’t forget to periodically watch episodes of Live From Daryl’s House featuring Daryl Hall of Hall & Oates! I just recently watched this episode featuring Chromeo, with some smooth Zapp & Roger style vocorder action, and it was dope!

2. I constantly link to ThisSongIsSick, because those songs are sick. Here are like 20 links to good shit over there, and they are all FREE so don’t be stupid, go get them:

3. This is now the THIRD time I’m telling yall to download FREE music from the Dave Matthews Caravan, because they have released sampler #3. It’s a bunch of FREE songs from the artists joining DMB for their festival dates…YEAH BUDDY

4. I’m sure I’ve already told you that Pete Yorn is the man, but just in case I haven’t here is some proof (Tracy Chapman cover).

5. Here’s a good quick read and FREE download from Paste Magazine about new artist Alyssa Graham. The track is slow and quiet, but if you dig something relaxing and chill then it’s a cool song to chay to. Plus I liked her story, so let’s hope the rest of her stuff is good! YEAH BUDDY

If you have an extra 72 hours, watch this video, then watch every single suggested video until you can’t take it anymore. I have been watching this video on loop for the last 2 weeks. You’re welcome.


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