The art of Plastic Beach by Gorillaz (2010)


Check out Part 1: The concept of Plastic Beach
…and Part 3: The music of Plastic Beach

Artist: Gorillaz
Album: Plastic Beach
Year: 2010

As the image of the band began to evolve a bit, we saw less “cartoon” looking images, and more of what I’ll call 3D animation. It’s not truly 3D, but I like that term for it because the videos combine multiple kinds of art like cartoons and computer-generated objects to create a funky style of animation that gave Gorillaz a unique look. Then when the record came out and the video for ‘Stylo’ was released, the animation took itself to another level by turning these “cartoon characters” into walking/talking/driving creatures faced off in a road race against Bruce Willis!

Plastic Beach was released in several countries obviously, and to mix things up a bit the band put out four different album covers for these releases. The covers depict Plastic Beach at different times of the day. Part 1 featured the island at dawn, mid-day is pictured above, and dusk is on the left of this paragraph. Tomorrow we’ll see Plastic Beach at night (my favorite!). But before the record came out, we got more sneak previews of the world of Plastic Beach. As new episodes of Pirate Radio continued to roll out, we also started to see videos pop up around the web that gave a quick look at the island itself. And each video had a beat behind it that either evolved into an album track, or ended up on the cutting room floor…but they are all rad! No need to ramble on about them…I’ve got them all embedded here for you. Enjoy!

Come back tomorrow to read how it all came together to form the best record of 2010…Plastic Beach!

Check out Part 1: The concept of Plastic Beach
…and Part 3: The music of Plastic Beach

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