Thursday Playlist


I have a soft spot in my heart for some of the mid-90’s rap that never gets played anymore. This was a big time in my life (the transition from high school to college) and these songs take me back. No Biggie or Pac on this list…I’m digging in the crates a bit here:

’93 Till Infinity’ by Souls of Mischief

‘Summertime in the LBC’ by The Dove Shack

‘Sweet Potato Pie’ by Domino

‘Players Club’ by Rappin 4 Tay

‘Operation Lockdown’ by Heltah Skeltah

‘Do You See’ by Warren G

and of course…
‘It Was a Good Day’ by Ice Cube


3 Responses to “Thursday Playlist”

  1. 1 Haterix

    Top, top, top quality ice cube song…………..well done sir.

  2. don’t try to butter me up for Monday…when Tottenham Hotspur embarrasses Manchester United on your home pitch, the insults will be relentless and plentiful. Numpty.

  3. 3 Haterix

    Oh dear. Forever in our shadow spuddy.

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