Friday Leftovers


If you have never downloaded anything that I’ve recommended before, today might be the day to start. Some quality FREE stuff today!

1. DJ Chris Read has produced collections of hip hop tracks that each focus on a specific year/era, allowing you to slip into nostalgic “oh yeah” mode while nodding your head. His latest edition highlights the year 1994…all of the mixes are available for FREE download at this link. (right-click on Download, then Save Target As)
via VeryShortList

2. Larkin Poe is a country band that blipped on my radar, and they sound pretty cool. Two young sisters with confident voices and well-written music. You can listen to their 4 EP’s (titled for the 4 seasons) on their website for FREE. Let me know if you like them…I may dig deeper!

3. Gucci Mane has an ice cream cone tattoo on his face, is currently being released from jail, and constantly yells “Brrrrrr” during his songs. I don’t know what other characteristics you’re looking for in a rapper, but that does the trick for me. Download his FREE new mixtape Writings on the Wall 2, before he really loses it.

4. Graham Colton continues to push FREE tracks out via his emailers…go to his site and sign up! This week’s FREE song is a live version of ‘Cigarette’ with Counting Crows. Great summer music!

5. If you don’t know this song yet, you will soon:


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