Friday Leftovers


It’s Friday, Friday, gotta get FREE on Friday.

1. Are you ready for Matt Nathanson‘s new record Modern Love? OK well get ready by listening to the whole thing for FREE! Clicky McClick …lots of 80s influences here, if you dig that (George Michael, Depeche Mode, etc)

2. Julian Velard is a cool artist who plays piano and sings chill songs. I really love his song ‘A Dream’, that totally should have been playing during the closing credits of Inception (listen to the lyrics). Anyway, he periodically releases FREE stuff to fans on his website, and the latest is a demo of a cool track called ‘Thanks, No Thanks’. Clicky Clickerson for the goods.

3. Blogs suck! So a couple of days ago, a “new Kanye West song” was leaked through blogs…turns out that the song was a fake. I actually agree that this is shitty for Kanye, because you’d like to let the artist present his song the way he wants you to hear it. And quite frankly, when I heard the song I thought it was weak (deep lyrics washed out by party music). Click click click BOOM to listen for yourself!
via ConsequenceOfSound



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