Friday Leftovers


FREE as a bird

1. No, seriously. You haven’t gotten the FREE mixtape Peanut Butter & Swelly from Chiddy Bang yet? How may times am I gonna have to remind you??? Go to your room.

2. Last week’s dose of Graham Colton wasn’t enough for you? Well this week you can go download Twenty Something for the price of $whatever-you-want-to-pay. He released this 6-song LP along with a few others as he was writing songs for his new album. Go and get it! if you want to be an asshole, you can get it for FREE. Or support good music and pay $5 or whatever.

3. Shwayze‘s got a new album lined up for later this summer, and you can get a FREE download of the single ‘Love Letter’ on their Facebook page now!

Check out this video from Wallpaper. He also has a song called ‘Doo Doo Face’


One Response to “Friday Leftovers”

  1. 1 Ludaho

    Oh man I’m so glad you reminded me about Chiddy Bang! I forgot all about downloading this after my drunken escapade with the wine last weekend.

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