Life Is Sweet! Nice To Meet You. by Lightspeed Champion (2010)


“The guy with the video where he sings to a kitten”, that I saw online and sent to my girlfriend, actually turned out to be a pretty good musician. Lightspeed Champion is a quirky young artist that delivers an artsy fartsy brand of music and videos. After digging into his first album Falling Off the Lavender Bridge, it was a no-brainer that I would purchase album number two. And I’m not gonna act like this is run-to-the-mp3-store kind of music, but he’s definitely in the “misunderstood genius” category…the kind of guy you don’t want to skip just in case he hits it big someday. It’s not hard to see these albums someday being revered as the early works of a very successful performer.

I had a hard time picking out songs to highlight, but that’s just because the album is such a tight composition. Everything kinda flows together, as the mood shifts effortlessly from song to song. The guy clearly has some emotional issues that he wants to get out on the table, and explores the peaks and valleys of those emotions throughout the record. Second track ‘Marlene’ is a great example, because the tempo and style change back and forth a few times, and the lyrics follow suit. This song also contains the full complement of instrumentation, with a catchy/simple guitar riff leading the way, a string bridge, and a “wall of sound” moment or two during the hook. My favorite song ‘There’s Nothing Underwater’ comes next…just a solid, complete song that could stand alone on a soundtrack or something. ‘Faculty of Fears’ is probably the song that you are supposed to dig…it reels you in with a sneaky opening, then bursts into musical glory. And if you have a sense of humor, you’ll love ‘The Big Guns of Highsmith’. By the time ‘I Don’t Want to Wake Up Alone’ and ‘Madame Van Damme’ roll around, you’ll be looking for your ticket stub (are we at a musical?). And ‘Sweetheart’ brings it all home. Start to finish, a beautiful low-tempo album for those who dig a little bit of drama in their day.

I’d really like to see Lightspeed Champion link up with another artist or two at some point, because his obvious talent/gifts are too precious not to share. He’s a ball of potential…the songs on Life Is Sweet! Nice To Meet You are very good, but I feel like in the right setting he could be “great”. If you’re trying to make a buy/pass decision on this record, my suggestion would be to ask yourself if you are willing to listen to it 50 minutes at a time. My answer is “yes”, so it was a good purchase for me. If you’re looking for instant gratification or pop singles, look somewhere else. Listening to this album is like going to see the vampire musical from the end of Forgetting Sarah Marshall, hahaha

music turtle recommends: OH JUST STOP COMPLAINING!

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