Friday Leftovers


Aw, yeah. FREE music yall!

1. Hoodie Allen is an artist that I could have mentioned in my post on College Rap. Much like Chiddy Bang, he features samples from some alternative tracks, and I dig it. Click here to download his FREE mixtape Pep Rally.

2. Want to hear The Strokes new album Angles before deciding to buy it? Bang!

3. A while back I came across a great article about the music industry that I want to share with you. It will take about 10 minutes to read, but if you have any interest in the music business then it will keep your interest. Written in the early 90’s by Steve Albini (produced thousands of albums including Nirvana’s In Utero), ‘The Problem With Music’ does whatever it can to scare musicians away from signing with major record labels. Things have changed quite a bit since then (thanks again, internet) but it’s interesting to see the landscape at that time. Bands really had no alternative to signing these contracts, since there were no other methods of distributing their material. Not that artists are rolling in their own self-made dough today, but those with a decent following have been able to take production and cash management matters into their own hands. I try to see both sides in this debate (it’s very easy to side with the artists, and hate the evil record labels) because just like everything else in this world, entertainment is a business. So draw your own conclusions, and leave it in the comments below!

4. Shoutout to awesome blog IHeartChaos for drawing my attention to this YouTube video of Nirvana playing ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ for the first time, 20 years ago this week. Wow!


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