Friday Leftovers



1. I once spent an entire weekend staring at this webpage. Caution:addictive. Make sure you click on all of the different options on the right. If you appreciate math,and music, or both…your head will explode with glee.

2. Radio1 is my favorite satellite radio channel…the BBC’s music station that also features a ton of chatter from those rabble-rousing wankers. DJ Cable of Radio1 fired up a 5 minute mix that includes 160 songs, and it’s available for FREE download at this link to rockthedub.

3. Danger Mouse is at it again. In case you’re not familiar, Danger Mouse is a DJ/producer who has famously collaborated with some of the best artists in the world in recent years, only to move on to the next project before you can forget about him. One of his earliest success stories was linking up with Gorillaz for their second album Demon Days, and last year’s big deal was Broken Bells with Shins frontman James Mercer. Now he has hooked up with Norah Jones, Jack White, and some other folks for Rome. I don’t quite know yet what Rome is (the band name? the album name?), but I’m paying attention. Check out 2 FREE tracks courtesy of Stereogum.

and…………………new Beastie Boys? Yes, please!

hahahahaha…you actually have to click on the video to watch it on Youtube, then in the description beneath there is a link to download the new song. Gotcha!


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