musicforthemorningafter by Pete Yorn (2001)


Anybody who knows me well has been wondering where my Pete Yorn reviews have been. I’m a big fan of the guy because he’s the closest thing this generation has to Bruce Springsteen…a real New Jersey rocker who tours and tours and tours, and really cares what the fans want. musicforthemorningafter came out in 2001, and in 2011 PY has released a remastered version that also includes some live tracks and B-sides. MFMA is a rock masterpiece, so let’s get dissecting…

Album-opener ‘Life On a Chain’ was the first PY song I ever heard, and it sent me on a mad dash to the record store to find out what this guy was all about. Any rock music fan will appreciate this up-tempo classic…the guitar and drums are smooth and unified, complemented by soft vocals to bring it home. But nowhere in those “soft” vocals does Yorn ever come off as whiny and annoying…even in his more tender moments, he projects a strong tone that keeps it rock. And it’s a good thing too, because track #2 ‘Strange Condition’ would surely have been ruined if it had fallen into the hands of Dashboard Confessional and the like. Yorn keeps the “you mean the world to me” lyrics feeling confident instead of sappy or needy. Check out these two jams, and you will have successfully completed Pete Yorn 101.

Moving on…MFMA is filled with solid rock tracks like ‘Murray’ and ‘Closet’ for you to sing along with at concerts. And of course the LOUD banger ‘For Nancy’ really stands out, cause it already is. (haha) But in my estimation, the legacy of this record has been its more tender moments like the heartfelt ‘Just Another’ and the album’s epic ballads ‘Lose You’, ‘EZ’ and ‘On Your Side’, which has a cool 90’s guitar sound to it. Their lyrics really dominate the record and set the tone…the rest of the album is well-written, but nothing else really jumps out with as strong of a message. Mid-tempo standouts ‘Sense’ and ‘Sleep Better’ also rock, and fit really well into the record’s framework. There are really no lapses in quality from start to finish, and in this case the whole is truly greater than the sum of its parts. Have I named too many individual songs to check out? MFMA is a historic rock and roll record. Go buy it.

I’m sure I’ve recommended album purchases before, and will do so in the future. But I cannot stress enough to rock music fans that you will LOVE the shit out of this album, so go pick it up immediately. Pete Yorn is a great artist, and a fun musician to follow as a fan. He tours a lot, banters on stage quite a bit to keep his shows entertaining, and keeps up the rough rock star image without going overboard. Some of this year’s tour dates will feature PY playing the entire album in order to commemorate its 10-year anniversary. Check him out!

music turtle recommends: LOOK FOR THE 10-YEAR EDITION, OUT NOW!

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One Response to “musicforthemorningafter by Pete Yorn (2001)”

  1. great review keep up the great work,,mfma–rocks big time..

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