Friday Leftovers


The turtle is in Filthydelphia this week…holla! Here are my quick picks for FREE music:

1. Snoop is the man, right? And when he collaborates with Gorillaz/Kanye/John Legend, you know it’s gonna be a good time. Go to Pitchfork at this link to download some FREE Snoop-a-Loop for yo ass. We’re goin streaking!
via Pitchfork

2. I’ve only known about Fitz & the Tantrums for a couple of weeks, but they are off-the-chain good, and have restored my hope for a new generation of music that sounds like the Motown records/8-tracks my dad used to listen to when I was a kid. Even better, they recently were guests on my favorite web-based show Live From Daryl’s House (featuring Daryl Hall from Hall & Oates) and you can watch the whole thing at this link. Check it out if you want to discover your new favorite band!

3. I’m not talking about Rebecca Black. I’m above insulting naive teens. But check out this link to read a good perspective from Bob Lefsetz about Ms. Black relative to music’s up-and-comers that played SXSW last week. Lefsetz has an unbelievable resume in the music industry, so trust me when I say that his perspective is worth listening to. I’ll talk more about him someday.

I mean…whatever…


One Response to “Friday Leftovers”

  1. 1 page23

    Fitz and the Tantrums are the new must have disc!!

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