Friday Leftovers – Nate Dogg tribute


Before autotune tried to ruin everything, Nate Dogg used to be the go-to guy for hot melodic hooks on your rap song. He didn’t even care if it was vulgar…he could make it sound nice. Nate Dogg was the G-Funk Era. Rest in peace man. Check out this FREE 1-hour Nate Dogg mix…click in the right places to download it:


And here are my favorite Nate Dogg moments:

Honorable Mention:
Oh No‘ – with Mos Def
Deeez Nuuuts‘ – with Dr Dre (first appearance?)
Bitch Please‘ – with Snoop & Xzibit
I Got Love
Shake That Ass For Me‘ – with Eminem
Xplosive‘ – with Dr Dre


10. ‘Boss Life‘ – with Snoop Dogg
Nate didn’t have much work to do here, but this track is a great way to start off the list. He brings it home on a throne.
“See me man, I’m nuthin like you…”

9. ‘The Set Up‘ – with Obie Trice (real name no gimmick)
Usually Nate appeared on other peoples’ songs, but this one was his.
“If you cool and she’s satisfied, how come that bitch just paged me?”

8. ‘Can’t Deny It‘ – with Fabolous
Maybe his best hook!
“Imma knock him so hard, on his butt. Just like he been drinkin, like he drunk.”

7. ‘All About You‘ – with 2Pac

6. ‘Area Codes‘ – with Ludacris
I think this is when he started stepping out of the old Death Row family a bit, and if you don’t love this song then don’t talk to me ever again.
“Whatever it is, they love it!”

5. ‘21 Questions‘ – with 50 Cent
This song is the perfect example of what would have been ruined by an autotuner if it was released in 2009 instead of 2003.
“…if I was down and out, would you still have love for me girl?”

4. ‘I Don’t Like To Dream About Gettin Paid‘ – with Dogg Pound
I mentioned this song before, and I think it’s a hidden gem of rap music. Nate Dogg absolutely kills this track. In fact, to me it’s his best song, but the rest of the list got way more airplay.
“Last night I had a dream, felt so good it had to be. Me and my homeys, were gettin paid. Man oh man, we had it made.”

3. ‘Tha Next Episode‘ – with Dr Dre, Snoop & Kurupt
His most memorable lyric closes this song:
“Hey hey hey hey…smoke weed every day.”


2. ‘Aint No Fun‘ – with Snoop & Dogg Pound
I swear I almost put this at #1. But, you know.
“It ain’t no fun, if the homeys can’t have none!”



1. ‘Regulate‘ – with Warren G

Of course.

“I got a car full of girls and it’s goin real swell. The next stop is the Eastside Motel.”




Nate Dogg, thank you for your contribution to music. Rest in peace, God bless you and your family, and may all parties be filled with G Funk Era hooks forever!


One Response to “Friday Leftovers – Nate Dogg tribute”

  1. 1 Ludaho

    Downloading this tribute is the only reason I woke up early this morning. Just saying.

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