Fixin To Die by G.Love (2011)


This is definitely not a “new music blog”, but I haven’t been able to keep my ears off of Fixin To Die for the last 2 weeks. So here we are. It’s fresh out of the gates and still available in all of the new music areas of iTunes/Amazon/etc. Go on and get it! As you may recall from a prior post, G. Love is one of my favorite musicians. Even music nerds like the turtle have a few bands whose stuff they listen to on repeat, and this is my guy.

G is a very eclectic artist…his songs range from blues to guitar-dominated rock to straight rap, with plenty of combinations in between. But even those formulas and combinations can get recycled and boring if you refuse to step out of your comfort zone, so that’s exactly what G Love did on Fixin To Die. The kick-ass title track starts the record…an emotionally charged tribute to the Bukka White blues jam of the same name. If ‘Fixin To Die’ doesn’t hook you, I don’t know what will! Another cover song here is Paul Simon’s ’50 Ways to Leave Your Lover’…I’m not gonna say it’s better than the original, but I’ll certainly listen to G’s version more often. Thumbs up to the Avett Brothers for the production and accompaniment assist on both of those cuts. And there’s plenty of sweet stuff for the ladies, notably ‘Katie Miss’, ‘Heaven’ and the standout song ‘Just Fine’. I’m thinking that ‘Just Fine’ will end up on our radios sooner than later…G’s smooth rhymes + the soft strumming of Shwayze musician Cisco Adler = WINNING. If you liked ‘Hook’ by Blues Traveler, you’ll love ‘Just Fine’.

But before things get too soft and swoony, grab some coffee and add ‘Milk & Sugar’ – another G Love classic! It’s songs like these that end up on concert set lists 10 years later, not the serious shit. G Love scholars will recognize ‘Get Goin’ from another life, and it still rocks. And my sleeper pick that I can’t stop singing in my head is easily ‘You’ve Got to Die’, a jam hilariously disguised as fun and jumpy while addressing the reality of death. GOLD

I feel like the whole world needs to be punched in the face for not already recognizing this dude as a living legend. But he wouldn’t be the first, so I will sleep well tonight. All I can do is drop the G Love name every so often on this blog, and urge you to pick up his music. Do it. Philly, what!

music turtle recommends: I. LOVE!

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One Response to “Fixin To Die by G.Love (2011)”

  1. G Love is a Legend! Here in Philly he’s known around town as a hometown super nice guy who reps Philly and the region hard and proud. I’ve had the opportunity to meet G a few times and as home grown and down to earth as his music is he is the SAME exact way. I’ll never forget a time at Dobs in Philly where he told me some great stories about his guitar teacher Waco and even listened to me as I told him some nominal things about my life and where I was at. Fixin to Die is brilliant and just sums up the great musician G is and the emotion he puts into all his work. Pick up the CD if you havent yet or grab it on iTunes – its all well done and all worthwhile.

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