Friday Leftovers


It’s Friday, and that means FREE music!

1. Matt Nathanson (who I’ve mentioned before) is one of my favorite “wuss rock” artists, and he’s got a new album coming out soon. Head over to his website to download the first single ‘Faster’ for FREE! It sounds to me like ‘Faith’ meets ‘Hey Soul Sister’, and I anticipate big things for this song.

2. In the mood for a cool puzzle and a FREE mp3? Manchester Orchestra is rolling out the track ‘Simple Math’ from their upcoming album on a unique webpage located here. They released each puzzle piece to the site periodically, and now every piece is available to “complete” the song. Drag them up to the puzzle board one at a time for a clip/preview…then once all pieces are in place you’ll get to hear the song and download it for FREE. Cool!

3. Go to iTunes to download a FREE new track from R.E.M. called ‘UBerlin’. I just got it myself…it sounds cool on first listen! As with all free stuff on iTunes, go get it right away because it may not be free for long.Not satisfied with just a FREE song? The click your way to NPR to listen to a stream of the entire new album for FREE!

And……just for fun:


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