Ten by Pearl Jam (1991)


Guest blog written by subscriber trojananteater!

It irritates me to hear everything about Nirvana being the catalyst to the alternative or grunge rock movement. Yeah you can argue the cliché “smells like teen spirit” started it all, but I feel there are a core group of bands that started it all. These groups include, but are not limited to: STP, smashing pumpkins, faith no more, alice in chains, soundgarden, and anyone else from Seattle sporting a flannel shirt and a cigarette.

There is one specific band that essentially changed my life when I was in 6th grade. To me, they are the innovators of alternative rock. Let me set the scene for you of who the trojananteater was in 1991. This church going kid without cable TV hidden away from American society needed an outlet to escape his conservative Korean culture. You can only live on rice for so long. Actually, I could eat rice everyday but that’s beside the point. His main influence came from a friend who was an only child with parents who were never home. Everyday, we would watch MTV, back when they actually played music videos, and head bang until it felt like we had just gotten rear ended in a car accident. We’d listen to music and play guitar licks all day long. Unfortunately, I’ve never had any musical talent but the other friend did, eventually becoming the lead guitarist for the band Thrice. The one CD that seemed to consistently be in the CD player was Pearl Jam’s Ten album.

I can honestly say that every song on this CD is great. The worst one is actually the most commercialized song, ‘Jeremy’. What’s dope about the album is that almost every song starts with a slow guitar lick that sets the tone. Within 10 seconds, you should be able to identify the song and knod your head to the blissful sounds of guitar distortion. Eddie Vedder has one of the most distinguishable voices in all of music history but he’s a douche so enough about him. Each time I listen to this album, it reminds me of those care-free days of trying to finish my homework in less than 15 minutes so I can go do the things all pre-teens love to do: talk on the phone with girls, play sports, have your first kiss while playing truth or dare, and freak out why there is hair growing near your junk.


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