Learn to Live by Darius Rucker (2008)


It’s hard enough to make it once as a musician, and Darius Rucker has made it twice. The former frontman of Hootie & the Blowfish has become one of the biggest names in modern country music, and its no fluke. I’m sure I was in the minority, but I freakin loved Hootie back in the day. They had a couple big radio hits that everyone loved, but then suddenly it became cool to think that Hootie was lame. I sure as hell kept buying their CDs, mostly because they were awesome. Of course at that time in my life, popularity was the only thing that mattered, so I’m sure I engaged in a “Hootie sucks” discussion or two while playing Mortal Kombat at the mall arcade. Let’s recap: the classic pop music of Hootie & the Blowfish was lame, and playing Mortal Kombat at the mall arcade was cool. Got it?

If you listen to the old Hootie albums under a microscope, it’s pretty easy to hear the country music roots that were present in Darius Rucker back then. He had a few awkward years of transition from pop star into a true country artist, but thank goodness he did. Learn to Live is really all you can ask for from a country music album. It’s the same flavor of country as Keith Urban…many folks would classify it as pop music, but at its core it really is country. Whatever. We got the corny stuff like ‘Drinkin and Dialin’, the upbeat opener ‘Forever Road’, and everything in between. ‘Alright ‘ and the title track ‘Learn to Live’ are solid tracks that I’m sure have become concert favorites. ‘Don’t Think I Don’t Think About It’ is country gold…complete with pedal steel, violin and heartbroken lyrics. And stick around late in the album for ‘Be Wary of a Woman’. There’s really not much to hate on here! Maybe I could do without some of the cheesier lyrics of ‘If I Had Wings’ and ‘History in the making’…but even so you gotta admit that the songs are well-written!

A little cheese, a little corn, and a lot of flavor…sounds good to me!

music turtle recommends: CHUG IT!

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