Transformational music delivery


What a transformational couple of days in entertainment! The Rock is back in WWE, the Grammys were pretty interesting for a change, and “The King of All Media” Howard Stern transformed Twitter by live-tweeting pop-up-video-style behind-the-scenes updates while his movie Private Parts was on TV. But this is a music blog, and the music turtle isn’t pretentious enough to think that you care about my thoughts on the Grammys. So let’s take a look at something else that transformed music yesterday.

The Youtube video at the end of this post is kinda boring without explanation, so read on before watching. Alt band The Flaming Lips released a song called ‘Two Blobs Fucking’ on Youtube today. But there’s a catch. The song was broken into 12 parts of similar run-time/tempo, and each of those parts has its own video on Youtube. When all 12 parts are played together, they create 1 song. WTF?! As you’ll see in the video below, the band suggests that you find 11 friends with smartphones, pull up each clip on a different phone, then play them simultaneously. The way that music is delivered has been transformed! I’m giddy:

Can someone please pull this off, invite a 13th friend to take video on their phone, and post it?????? The clips are all waiting for you on The Flaming Lips’ Youtube channel. The test begins………NOW


One Response to “Transformational music delivery”

  1. 1 Ludaho

    You need to make this happen immediately.

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