Friday Leftovers


Are you catching on yet? Tune into the music turtle every Friday for links to FREE SHIT!

1. Download the new single ‘Under Cover of Darkness’ by The Strokes for FREE! It will be featured on their upcoming album Angles, which appears here in angled/italicized lettering for your ironic viewing pleasure. After great solo albums from band members Julian Casablancas and Albert Hammond Jr, it’s nice to see that they stuck together (sometimes that solo success is the kiss of death for bands). FREE!

2. Check out this FREE stream of Mogwai’s new album titled Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will. That album title can kick your ass. This is some good stuff if you like loud anthemic guitar rock. Just because I’m a gobshite doesn’t mean I don’t know good Scottish rock when I hear it!
via Rolling Stone

3. This hot new video from DC rapper Wale (not Wall-e, or Whale, or whatever) just hit the web a couple days ago. This particular song doesn’t incorporate go-go drums in the beat like I usually look for from Wale, but it’s got a classic Motown sample and is narrated by Morgan Freeman, so I’ll let it slide. MORGAN FUCKIN FREEMAN!


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