Big Head Todd & the Monsters – Crossroads KC – August 2010


If you know of a better song than ‘Bittersweet’, please send it to me right away. Appreciated.

Big Head Todd & the Monsters are not a band that everyone knows by name, but any wuss rock junkie who scrolls through their catalog will inevitably recognize a song or two. Usually it’s ‘Resignation Superman’ or ‘All the Love You Need’. It’s all perfectly relaxed rock music that you can chay all over yourself to. Don’t go to a Big Head Todd concert expecting to jump around, find young women (more on that later), or drink your face off. This is the kind of show that you attend with your significant other, to relax and enjoy the music. Of course I attended with another dude, so there goes that theory. But it’s all about the show. Jams like ‘Please Don’t Tell Her’ and Big Head Todd’s recent cover of ‘Beast of Burden’ seal the deal for me.

My friend who came to the show is of Korean descent, and halfway through the show we were Google-ing our asses off to find out that Todd Park Mohr himself is Korean-American. I’m awesome. And the setting for this show was kick-ass…Crossroads KC is a Philly cheese steak restaurant in Kansas City with a large lot in the back for live shows. The stage has a cool backdrop of city buildings, and intentionally basic beer stands with Solo cups to remind you to relax. It ain’t Red Rocks, but it’s damn good for KC. The cheese steaks are a laughable attempt at the east coast delicacy, but the venue and overall atmosphere is great. I guess this band is slightly older than I realized though, because as we mingled with the fans it became obvious that we had stepped into an episode of Cougartown. Good thing neither of us are single, because our only option in that crowd would have been to find our former babysitter and hope she didn’t remember the time I peed my pants. Whatever…I don’t like horror movies.

Check out the band’s website: You can download a free album and lots of live stuff in minutes, and I promise it’s worth it. Their vibe is very relaxed but not boring, kinda at the tempo/mood of R.E.M. Todd’s voice sometimes sounds like Colin Hay (Men at Work), but he very easily slips into the raspy rock sound in the direction of Elvis Costello or maybe Bruce. I said maybe. He’s got the same guitar-playing posture/mannerisms of John Mayer, but I don’t think he’s quite at Mayer’s guitar skill level. But John Mayer isn’t at Big Head Todd’s chay level, so there. Make sure that if you go see these guys, it’s at an outdoor venue. Just my opinion, but you shouldn’t put a lid on a show like this. They are playing Red Rocks with Guster this year. #headexplodes

music turtle recommends: GO SEE THESE GUYS!

Ever been to a Big Head Todd & the Monsters concert? Comment below


4 Responses to “Big Head Todd & the Monsters – Crossroads KC – August 2010”

  1. 1 trojananteater

    you disgrace my famiry!!!!!

    • you should check out the band Das Racist

  2. 3 jking

    j roddy and the bizness is at appalachian brewing company march 8 for under $ gonna go for you and me

    • solid! if you’d like to write about that show afterward, i’ll post it

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