Embrya by Maxwell (1998)


Maxwell gets more chicks than you. He’s that guy who you want to hate, because he reels in the ladies with his giant afro and perfect tenor singing voice. “Smoke and mirrors ladies! I’m the real catch! I drive a modest American-made car and can’t sing for shit!” Haha sorry guys but it doesn’t work that way…Maxwell FTW

All hating aside, Maxwell is a genius. He’s basically this era’s Barry White…quite different in that his voice is high instead of Barry’s deep register, but similar in that he makes great albums to put on in the background while you (ahem) rule your kingdom. I mean let’s be honest…if it weren’t for sex, we wouldn’t need music like Maxwell’s, right? It’s not deep…a simple sample of the lyrics is as follows: “ever wanting to want me to want you” and “I’m you, you are me, and we are you”. Got it…you have nothing to say. In fact, the only song that he’s ever performed that people actually knew the words to was a cover song (more on that another day). So we can all agree that we’re not here for depth. We’re here for the women.

Fellas…be careful not to bust out Embrya around your woman at any time other than “business time”. That would be like her wearing your favorite dog-collar black-leather temptress outfit to bed on Tuesday night because she thinks it’s comfy. No! This album is a sacred sexual soundtrack, if you’re into that sort of thing. Maxwell does dip into a little flavorful R&B here, on tracks like ‘Luxury: Cococure’ and ‘Drowndeep: Hula’. But don’t be fooled into thinking Maxwell was doing anything other providing a canvas onto which you can paint your masterpiece…hahahaha I’m out of double entendres for sex right now, so this blog is a wrap!

music turtle recommends: PASS ON IT! (unless this is the kind of “soundtrack” you’re looking for hahahaha)

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2 Responses to “Embrya by Maxwell (1998)”

  1. 1 trojananteater

    my favorite so far.

    • Wait till thursday

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