So Much for the Afterglow by Everclear (1997)


Remember how embarrassing the 80s used to be? And then all of a sudden…what could be cooler than an 80s Party? Well in my opinion, it’s about damn time that we begin appreciating the cliché decade of the 1990s. It’s been a decade now…just the right amount of time to evaluate the 90s with some real perspective. But gimme 20 minutes before we get started…I have to dial up AOL on my modem.

Everclear is a perfect 90s rock band. Not perfect music…I mean “perfect” like their music helps define what was going on back then. Half of their songs sound like they could be blaring out of the speakers of a terrible cover band at a packed bar in a crap town. And the other half of their songs are decent album filler, but are probably not being played anymore anywhere by anyone. I’m surprised I actually own this CD…I don’t really remember being into Everclear at all. But as I listen, there are easily 2 or 3 songs that I’d say are pretty timeless and could still get by on the radio today: ‘I Will Buy You a New Life’ and ‘Everything to Everyone’. To be honest, it was cool to hear them again…very solid songs! ‘Father of Mine’ was another a hit from these guys, and despite the sad message it’s a quality song that I’m sure made a lot of people feel like they were not alone after being abandoned by a parent. It’s hard to wrap your head around exactly what the message of the band is with this album. But they do a good job in general of communicating depressing topics without making you want to slit your wrists (‘Sunflowers’ and ‘Why I Don’t Believe in God’ are great examples). I think that last sentence sums up this band’s existence, actually.

If you’re looking for cliché 90s rock in its most raw form, it doesn’t get any better than the first minute of this album. Track #1 ‘So Much for the Afterglow’ sounds like a mellow Beach Boys song for about 30 seconds, abruptly interrupted by the incoming sound of feedback and right into punching electric guitars. Aaaahhhh…beautiful, sweet, nineteen-mother-loving-nineties rock music album-opening irony. You tricksters! The buried treasure here is ‘Amphetamine’ which sounds a little bit like the loud stuff from Sublime at first, then ends like an Everclear song. I enjoyed hearing this album again, and one day if I’m a depressed teenager I’ll bust it out to inspire me.

music turtle recommends: GET SOME TRACKS!

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One Response to “So Much for the Afterglow by Everclear (1997)”

  1. 1 trojananteater

    there are 2 bands that helped me realize that you really dont need any real musical talent to make it into rock stardom. everclear is one of them. the other is was blink 182. i remember sitting in my dorm room and figuring out the chords for “santa monica” by accident. now, if you know me well, i have no musical talent. if i can figure it out, it wasnt a glimpse of musical genius but pre-school level songwriting from the band. even though i said this band should be in montessori, i still enjoyed their music when they were popular.

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