Chicken-N-Beer by Ludacris (2003)


Guest blog written by subscriber Ludaho!

Turns out that Ludacris has been at this game for a minute and he has a lot of albums. I originally chose Chicken-N-Beer for my review because, let’s face it, that’s an awesome title for anything. But there are a couple more legitimate reasons why you need to know about Chicken-N- Beer.

A true Ludacris fan will tell you that Luda has sold out and I tend to agree (he’s featured on a Justin Bieber song. Come on now). Chicken-N- Beer is pre-sell out Luda. ‘Hard Times’ and ‘Blow It Out’ distinguish this as a legitimate rap album versus the bubble gum variety Ryan Secrest plugs on the Top 40. Luda’s letting you know he used to be from the streets, now he’s not and oh yeah, he’s got way more money than you, so jump on or go home. But for those less into the rap scene and more into the club beats (i.e. drunk white girls), this album’s got you covered too. ‘Stand Up’ and ‘Southern Fried Intro’ have enough hook to grab your attention and lyrics that are nothing short of poetry – “watch out for my medallions, my diamonds are reckless, it feels like a midget is hanging from my necklace”. Okay, so maybe not poetry per se, but catchy nonetheless.

Now this is a rap album, so ladies, if you had big plans of finding an anthem for your Woman Power rally, this probably isn’t the album for you. ‘Pussy Poppin’, ‘Teamwork’ and ‘Hoe’s in my room’ might be deemed degrading by some. But I have to say, Luda successfully toes the line between offensive/vulgar without crossing into the typical “shot the bitch in the head” kind of lyrics typified in a lot of hip hop of this generation. Why, Luda doesn’t dislike women at all, he loves them! There are just some parts of them he loves more than others. Need to cleanse your palate after ingesting Chicken-N-Beer? No worries, because Luda has kindly provided you with four skits mixed among the music. (If you get nothing else out of this review, promise me you will listen to the T-baggin Skit).

Luda is offensive. Luda is ridiculous. In short, Luda simultaneously represents everything that is wrong with pop culture today while being THE BEST THING THAT HAS EVER HAPPENED EVER. Everyone knows who Luda is. I’m willing to bet you can not only name one of his songs, but you probably know the lyrics to that song and have made an ass of yourself rapping those lyrics in a drunken stupor at a club or house party. And I’m even willing to bet you’ll probably do that again sometime in your not so distant future.

Ludaho recommends: DOWNLOAD IT!

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