Friday Leftovers


1. The music turtle responds to requests! Coachella recently announced their 2011 line-up…in case you’re not familiar, Coachella is a music festival in the mold of Woodstock (or more recently, Bonnaroo) featuring primarily rock/alternative artists with the occassional hip-hop act. This year’s show will be headlined by studs like Kings of Leon, Kanye, Arcade Fire and the Black Keys. You can’t really go wrong there…each of those acts are known for being good performers, so they will deliver. But the real joy in attending these festivals is to NERD OUT, print the whole schedule in advance, and start circling names. So here are a few artists the music turtle would circle if I were going to Indio, CA in April:
Big Audio Dynamite – the legends are back!
Cage the Elephant – up-and-comers that are ready to blow up
Elbow – maybe you haven’t heard of them, but these guys are big in Europe
High Contrast – live DJs at festivals are awesome
Jimmy Eat World – DUH
Black Joe Lewis & the Honeybears – an album I hope to review here soon…here’s a sample for yo ass:

2. OK kids…here’s some party music for your Friday night. This link takes you to a free stream from a group called Telephoned…not quite a cover version of pop/rap songs, but they took the essence of those songs and made it into something new. You likey?

3. …and speaking of covers, one of the blogs I follow is called Cover Me. They recently drew my attention to Nada Surf’s cover of ‘Enjoy the Silence’ by Depeche Mode. It’s kinda repetitive, but do I like that they flipped it so they don’t just sound like a bar band covering any old song:


One Response to “Friday Leftovers”

  1. 1 jking

    the coachella festival will be awesome! five bands that i would see are cage the elephant, cold war kids, sleigh bells, ratatat, duran duran (save a prayer), and foster the people. will the turtle be at bonnaroo? that lineup drops this tuesday feb 15th

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