Shwayze – self-titled album (2008)


I honestly thought this group was a joke. They had an MTV reality show focused around the recording of this album, and I watched every episode. When the season ended, I still had no clue if they were really putting out an album. It’s a two-man group made up of rapper Shwayze and musician Cisco Adler. Adler has music in his genes, and Shwayze is kinda funny and creative. But if you watched the show there was absolutely no indication that they had the ability to make such an awesome album. This record is f-ing great.

Whether you know it or not, you’ve heard a couple of their songs before. ‘Buzzin’ and ‘Corona & Lime’ have made their way through commercials, bars, and maybe some radio airplay. Those tracks come right after a catchy, relaxed opening of ‘Roamin’ (which you also may have heard before) and ‘Lazy Days’. The mood is perfectly set after those songs, and by now you’ve either turned the record off or turned it up. The only real problem I have with their music is the obsession with weed references…not just because I don’t smoke, but it just seems like a cheap way to get listeners to go “Yeah, weed!” instead of hooking them with the music. For example, ‘Mary Jane’ is easily a standout track, but come on. We get it…you have every weed cliché covered. Anyway…my favorite song on the record is ‘Flashlight’; it features Dave Navarro on guitar, and its chill as hell. So is ‘James Brown is Dead’. But don’t focus on single tracks here, it’s best in this case to just click Play and let it go.

Both artists really stand out on this album…Shwayze introduces himself as a new age rapper that represents the skater/hip-hop hybrid generation (like Lupe Fiasco), and Adler really jumps out as a stellar writer and supporting singer. Their content is extremely immature, but thank goodness they kept it that way instead of trying to push themselves and lose their spirit. Then we’d be without lines like “at a party on the beach, I was smokin’ like Cheech”! If you’re looking for a party record, or music to keep you entertained on a drive, you can’t do better than Shwayze.

music turtle recommends: DOWNLOAD IT!

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