It Still Moves by My Morning Jacket (2003)


Is there an echo in here? I freakin love My Morning Jacket. If you’ve heard them before, you know the unmistakable underwater dream sequence reverb voice/effect of frontman Jim James, which constantly sounds like he is singing into an old mic in an empty room with great acoustics. He’s probably not the best singer in the world, but this effect is unique and it covers any flaws that may be there. Kinda like a rockabilly autotuner haha. It Still Moves marks the moment when My Morning Jacket got focused and serious about their career. They had long been barroom legends around Louisville (more on that in a minute) but hadn’t really sold any records. It Still Moves finally captured their live sound, and also had a few “you sold out” tracks to draw in new fans. But they hadn’t sold out…they actually just wrote awesome songs with catchy parts, but completely stayed true to their roots and formula. In other words, they are musical geniuses, and the world found that out in 2003.

The first twenty seconds of the opener ‘Mahgeeta’ will give you a sample of the voice effects I’m talking about. It’s a kick ass song too, maybe the best on the album. No tune by My Morning Jacket is complete without the band breaking into a choir, or at least a good guitar jam on the way out…this has both. My personal favorite track is ‘Golden’…cool ass jumpy rhythm with relaxed vocals. Play it loud. ‘One Big Holiday’ is a guitar-laden track that fans of guys like Keller Williams or maybe Leslie West would dig (I’m not really into it). ‘Rollin Back’ is perfectly chill. And there’s not much filler throughout the rest of the record…each song has its own unique characteristics that are cool (warm up the horn section for ‘Easy Morning Rebel’) and it’s got such a consistent sound. The songs don’t literally flow together, but they basically do. If you’re looking for a rock album for when you study/work/clean the house/etc then It Still Moves may be for you.

My Morning Jacket paved the way for modern groups like Band of Horses and Drive By Truckers by paying their dues along Bardstown Road for several years, busting their asses to grow their fan base, and perfecting their sound. I first found out about these guys when my girlfriend-at-the-time bought me an EP from a little record store in Louisville in 2002. I imagine that the conversation went something like:

Girlfriend: “My boyfriend is a music dork who wants some awesome yet obscure local band to listen to, so he can tell his friends in PA that he discovered them.”

Pretentious Record Store Employee: “My Morning Jacket. I’m already over them.”

music turtle recommends: GET SOME TRACKS!

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  1. 1 jking

    blah blah my morning jacket. what does the turtle think of the coachella 2011 lineup? tix just went on sale friday

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