Friday Leftovers


1. SOCIAL D!! Legendary rockers Social Distortion are letting fans listen to their new album before you buy it. And their cool twist on this idea? For every 100,000 people who do this, they are reducing the price of their album by a dollar on Amazon. Cool! Give it a listen…if you’re new to Social D, you may still recognize their sound from their ‘Ring of Fire’ cover, or my personal favorite ‘Ball & Chain’. Pittsburgh peeps…anyone else think this sounds like an album that could have been released by The Clarks?

Update: you can also download the first single ‘California (Hustle and Flow)’ for free on iTunes this week!

2. Guardian (the UK’s premier source for music info) recently posted this cool and insightful compilation of international music. They asked bloggers around the world to talk about an artist in their country and share a free mp3. Even if you don’t like every song, it’s cool to listen to each one and get a feel for the culture around the music scene there. I downloaded the songs from Greece, India, Italy, Netherlands, Scotland, South Africa and Sweden…let me know which ones you like!

3. If you don’t know what dubstep is, hurry and Google it before you find yourself in mid-conversation with someone from England who insults you with their superior wit. Here’s a dubstep mix of scenes from the greatest TV show ever.

via Reddit


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