Little Voice by Sara Bareilles (2007)


Hear me out. Raise your hand if you are in a relationship with someone of the opposite sex and have ever watched Glee (guys) or the NBA Finals (ladies) because it was a good excuse to spend some time on the couch with your hubby. Everyone? Good. Then shut up and keep reading. I’m entitled to listen to Sara Bareilles without having my Turtle Card revoked, right?

This album is actually pretty good musically. And I gained a ton of respect for her after watching a concert of hers that has been on Palladia this last year. She’s like Alicia Keyes for white girls. Very talented on the piano, and she shows admirable restraint in that her voice is really good but she doesn’t try to push the vocals beyond her limits. Everybody has heard her hit ‘Love Song’. My girlfriend loves the opening piano riff, and whenever she hears that song she releases all of her stress onto the closest air piano. THIS VIDEO isn’t her, but I think that in her head this is how the song is actually played.

I don’t know if Sara Bareilles writes her own music, but Little Voice is a really solid first effort with a very mature sound. Some of the better tracks are ‘One Sweet Love’ and ‘Many the Miles’. I’m struggling to come up with comments that aren’t back-handed (“this album doesn’t make you want to shove a hot railroad spike into your ears”) but there isn’t much to hate on here. Let’s put it this way…if your girlfriend is going to listen to chick music around the house, you could do a LOT worse than this. This music is nowhere close to Tori Amos or Indigo Girls in annoyance levels. It’s about as annoying as Britney Spears…I don’t have to like it, but you don’t have to turn it off either. Bareilles is definitely the best musician that’s been named in this paragraph, and I’d expect that her follow-up album (released in 2010) will be pretty successful. We’ll definitely be hearing her name for many years, because she is a truly talented musician. No studio tweaking necessary here…check her out if this is your style of music!

music turtle recommends: GET SOME TRACKS!

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