Vampire Weekend – self-titled album (2008)


I know how to rebound from a Shaq review…today I’m delivering a gold nugget that you may have missed a couple years ago. If you did miss them…shame on you! Vampire Weekend is probably the biggest hipster sensation band going today…they are straight out of a pretentious boat shoe and popped-collar tea party on some asshole’s yacht. But they also have dyed-hair lip-pierced kids head-nodding at their shows. And you can hear their songs playing while shopping with Mom at the mall, when all you really wanna do is go get an Auntie Anne’s pretzel. Vampire Weekend has achieved the kind of universal acceptance that makes every record label executive drool.

I think these guys are from New York, but they’d do well a little farther north in the preppy NESCAC too, trading stories about trust funds at crew practice. At least that’s their image. Something tells me that persona is very calculated, and the band members themselves are slightly more intelligent/less douchey than they let on. They must be…most of the tracks have relatively complex musical arrangements, even if the tempo is generally too fast to notice and appreciate the underlying skill. The best example is right in the middle of the record on ‘Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa’ followed by ‘M79’. Very obvious that we’re not dealing with a former garage band, and that they recruited some serious talent in order to kick some ass right out of the gates (this is their first album). ‘Bryn’ is a song that never really jumped out at me before, but as I sit here typing and listening it is the one track that got me to stop and just listen. You really can’t go wrong by just picking up this whole album and getting to know each song. If you’re not going to do that and will only download a couple, start with ‘A-Punk’ and ‘Walcott’.

What a refreshing album to listen to…usually when new bands break out onto the scene they are quick to let you know that they “are like Black Eyed Peas meet U2” or whatever horseshit they come up with. Vampire Weekend is completely original, and they are a healthy and important addition to pop/rock. Any DJ will drool while listening to the beats and riffs at play here – this fresh music is completely ripe for sampling and remixing. I’d imagine that once these guys get 3 or 4 albums under their belt we’ll see them mix things up somehow (add a DJ, work with artists from other genres, etc) because they don’t appear to be afraid of experimentation. They already have cameos in their music videos from RZA, Daft Punk and the like. It took less than a year for Vampire Weekend to gain pop icon status in the music industry, and I don’t really see them backing out of that role any time soon. They released a follow-up album in 2010 (review coming soon) and are poised to make some serious noise in the next decade.

music turtle recommends: DOWNLOAD IT!

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