You Can’t Stop the Reign by Shaquille O’Neal (1996)


Can you dig it??!!

Look, I’m open-minded, and Shaq is the man. If you are reading this and you dislike Shaq, please smack yourself in the head very hard. Shaq is the man. That having been said, he’s not good at everything. To support that opinion, I present Shaq’s third album You Can’t Stop the Reign. He did everything right here…he got Biggie and Jay Z to rap on his record, jacked some classic beats and recognizable samples, got some decent R&B hooks for a few tracks, and in general his set-up and delivery is fine. The only problem is that he’s not a natural rapper.

Anybody who has seen Aries Spears’ impersonation of Shaq from MadTV (Google it and thank me later) knows what this album is gonna sound like. Of course it’s a parody, and Shaq isn’t as marble-mouthed as Aries makes him out to be. But just because you’re “not bad” at something (talking) doesn’t mean you “are good” at it. Shaq took this record very seriously, which kept it from sucking. I tried to look for a particular track to recommend, and I cannot in good conscience make any statement that may lead you (the reader) to spend actual money on this. If I absolutely have to…download ‘Legal Money’ because it’s basically a Mobb Deep song, or get ‘Strait Playin’ because it’s a west coast jam that Cube or Pac could have guest starred on. Plus it’s about him going to L.A. from Orlando – “I like playin on the west side, even though I miss playin on the east side” LOL

Shaq, if you read this…I love you man. Keep catching child molesters on the internet (did you know that he does this?) and in general keep being awesome. But please do not record any more albums!

music turtle recommends: PASS ON IT!

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