You Have No Idea What You’re Getting Yourself Into by Does It Offend You, Yeah? (2008)


Do you ever go into stores that sell skater/surfer/whatever gear like you see on the Winter X-Games, stare at the hoodies and shoes with big logos and a little bit of fluorescent green and think to yourself “I should probably buy this because I’m awesome…lemme look around a little more, then I’ll come back and get it.” And then you go to Gap and walk out with a new cream-colored V-neck sweater just like all the other ones in your closet? OK…that exact emotion is how musicians must feel when they listen to this album by DIOYY. They took all of the grimy beats and robot-synth sounds that modern musicians wish they were cool enough to tinker with, and made an album out of it. So what if this album isn’t gonna win any Grammys? It’s fun as hell and would be a cool party backdrop (as long as everyone is tripping balls). It’s not all fluff though…there’s some good music here at times.

The album kicks off like a champ with the instrumental track ‘Battle Royale’, which is destined for poppin’-and-lockin’ dance-off movie soundtrack stardom. Or it could be the backbone for a good video game score, or a kids’ movie like Scott Pilgrim, or anything else not to be taken too seriously. Lyrics kick in by track #2, but there’s absolutely no lyrical/vocal consistency at any point throughout the record, so don’t bother worrying about that. ‘Dawn of the Dead’ is the gem here…it’s actually frustrating to hear this track mixed in with the rest of the album, because you see the obvious potential for mainstream success in there. But I don’t think they care. There are other more traditional highlights like ‘Being Bad Feels Pretty Good’ and a track called ‘Attack of the 60 Foot Lesbian Octopus’ that sounds like Dick Dale, the B-52’s and Deadmau5 had a party. The cleverly named ‘Epic Last Song’ is a perfect finale, and is also destined for placement on a soundtrack somewhere.

I feel like anybody who writes about this album would pick different songs as their highlights. Tracks like ‘Let’s Make Out’ are likeable simply because of the catchy hook, but I guess I’m looking for a little more potential for staying power as a band. They definitely are interesting and know how to keep your attention…even the band’s name caught my eye as it scrolled across the screen of my satellite radio. But I doubt I’ll end up becoming “a huge DIOYY fan”. These are mature musicians with a wild streak, so I’m interested in where they go in the future. As an album, this thing actually works pretty well. Despite the technical inconsistencies in style from track to track, there is a degree of balls-to-the-wall musical experimentation present that more traditional musicians likely would envy.

(Stern fans: ‘Battle Royale’ is JD’s theme music. Ba Ba Booey!)

music turtle recommends: GET SOME TRACKS!

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One Response to “You Have No Idea What You’re Getting Yourself Into by Does It Offend You, Yeah? (2008)”

  1. 1 trojananteater

    surfer/skate/snowboarding clothes are never cool. you should have replaced that with “purple shirts that say EMAW or AGGIEVILLE”. so much cooler and in sync with the local crowd.

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