Deltron 3030 by Del Tha Funkee Homosapien (2000)


First let me properly credit this album…it was a collaborative effort between Del Tha Funkee Homosapien (the voice) and Dan The Automator (everything else). This is a perfect example of a “concept album”, like Dark Side of the Moon or what we typically think of with classical music like Vivaldi’s Four Seasons. Rather than worry about widespread acceptance and radio singles, the idea of a concept album is to put you in a time, place, or mood of the artist’s choosing. Del clears things up right away for you…”it’s the year 3030”. Not the most dramatic way to thrust you into the concept, but maybe it’s because he didn’t want to waste any time screwing around, and get right to the action…

If you like creative beats and sing-songy rhyming then your ears are going to bleed with joy as you listen to this record. After laying the ground work in ‘3030’ (cool space ray gun sound effects!), Deltron goes on to clarify his story in ‘Things You Can Do’ over a basic beat and a nice Wu Tang-style hook. Now we know that he is some kind of futuristic superhero, or just some average guy who is oppressed, or…wait what the hell is he talking about? That’s the beauty of the character. I don’t think you’re ever supposed to figure out who Deltron is, but you know for sure that he’s locked in some kind of turbulent intergalactic space government rebellion or whatever. Back to the “concept album” idea…as the story unfolds, you aren’t supposed to be obsessed with the details of who/what/where Deltron is talking about. You’re just on some planet somewhere running around with your boy Deltron, who is pissed.

A good friend of mine told me that this was his go-to album in college for getting high. While the music turtle himself does not get high, or encourage it, I dig the notion that when you’re intentionally altering your brain with drugs you fire up a mind-bending concept album that also happens to have bass lines and alien voices to nod your head to. This isn’t the Cantina at Mos Eisley, but it might as well be. If you’re not high, and want to look for something a little deep here, go to ‘Virus’ to catch Del’s witty ahead-of-its-time assessment of corporate takedown via computer viruses. In fact, corporate takedown may be taking his intentions lightly. Is this guy going to send all of humanity back into an age before computers and robots ruled whatever planet he is on? Or is he some wacked-out dope on the corner with a conspiracy theory? Who cares…the music wins out here! Deltron Event II is going to be released in 2006…I mean 2008…I mean 2010…well just stay tuned as Del continues to stall, and let’s hope that he’s doing it in the interest of releasing another epic masterpiece when the time is right.

Upgrade your grey matter, cause one day it may matter.

music turtle recommends: DOWNLOAD IT!

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